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01 Zilhaj 1424 Today we had some guests in the …

01 Zilhaj 1424

Today we had some guests in the house. Including a very well dressed, well spoken, interesting and sexually arousing gentleman. For about two hours today I was sitting in front of him and trying not to talk too much. And all through I kept noticing that his top buttons were undone. I kept noticing that his shoes were nice. I kept noticing things that any gay man would notice on an interesting man sitting in front of him. Then I decided ‘to hell with it’. I made what you might call a pass at him. Which thank god he missed. Because the next minute he started joking about homosexuals with a couple of guy friends he was with. Thank god he didnt see me make the move. I would not have wanted to lose my cherry to someone who hates gays. ;)

This is when I realized that I was getting desperate and need to search farther and wider. Which has made me thinking if I want to go to a gay party that might happen in the future. Well I am still thinking.

Ohk something that I wanted to share with all of you. Elvis. Listen to him. I have seen seeing people who dont listen to him “as such” “per se”. Well listen to him. At least listen to a few of his hits. The good ones. “Always on my mind”, “Unchained Melody”, “Maries the name/ his latest flame”, “Help me make it through the night”, “It’s now or never”, “Suspicious minds”, “The girl of my best friend”, “The wonder of you”. Please please please listen to them. You will have joy poured into your life. And you will have me to thank for. So you have to thank me now. OK.

I have to get a new keyboard. The keys on this one are badly jammed. I can’t type properly. I can’t do that with normal keyboards but I need something other then myself to blame. I am after all human and semi psychotic.

And a regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have slowly started to teach Urdu.