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05 Zilhaj 1424 There was a hammock in our lawn….

05 Zilhaj 1424

There was a hammock in our lawn. Till today. When I decided to enjoy myself. It broke. No I am not that fat. It was weak from all the dew and the sunlight while it was wet. Oh! but I insist. That is exactly how it happened. And that is exactly what was the cause. No STOP IT !!! I AM NOT THAT FAT !!! Yes that is better. You should trust me now when I tell you this. Since it was my sister’s. I will have to get a new hammock. Damn it.

I was chatting with a very nice guy today. He came up, at some level, on all of my criterion. He was educated, he was khandaani, he was able to type English and Urdu without my getting horrified at the murder of two languages (A very very rare feat), he had a sense of humour (rarer than the last) and lastly he seemed attractive. Well at least from his picture. I know I know people select one from 508 so I can not go by that alone. But I am going to. This is the first chance of happiness in about two weeks and I will take it. Thank you very much. In case of positive developments more information shall ensue.

I am sure you must all have very interesting online chats with people. But I am also sure you would have never said to anyone else what I said to someone online today. “Serenade me … Biatch”. It has a rustic/classical medieval whorish/slutty charm/attraction to it. I am sure you would agree.

And on this very note I shall end todays post. And with your permission I bid you adieu.

P.S. – And a regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.