11 Zilhaj 1424 Second day of Eid. Everyone’s ho…

11 Zilhaj 1424

Second day of Eid. Everyone’s holiday. And everyone’s holiday tomorrow. A friend from college came to Karachi. So we got together at another college friends house. I usually need a heavy dose of my college friends ever so often. But unfortunately there aren’t a lot in Karachi. So every chance we get, we use. Well suffice to say that the evening started young and ended old.

There was the usual exchange of information about who is doing what, who is planning to do what, who failed in doing what, people’s results, (how sad that) they got such awful marks, who is not talking to who now and last but not least who said what in retort to their boss and left the job (these are very rare and since none happened this time we used an old one from last time and oohed and aahed like we heard it the first time).

Then we had a dinner (No chicken due to the chicken flu scare) and a lot (and I mean a lot) of coke and tea. Since we dont drink alcohol like all normal Pakistanis we have to make do with coke and tea. Which doesn’t get us drunk but makes us feel good (I have no idea how or why).

Charged up on coke and tea the evening really began. As the evening progressed and we got sleepy and as the effect of the coke and tea started to sink in we started making all those semi-retarded semi-funny semi-interesting jokes that we so lovingly remember from our university. Ahhhhhh. The good old days. With time we had started making jokes that would have been demeaning to any normal human intellect not charged up on coke and tea.

We decided that before we go over the brink we should let others make the jokes. So we put on a few episodes of Mr Bean. To which we laughed our brains out (and I mean it … I had to pick up my brain from besides the bed when I got up the next morning). At some point during the episodes we all went to sleep.

Those of you who think alcohol induces hangovers are so seriouly lacking in knowledge. Tea and Coke have an effect as well. You dont want to get up. It takes you more than 5 minuted to wake up. I call it the party night hangover. You have NO idea what it is like. In those five minutes you feel as if you will not want to wake up at all. A severe physical as well as mental state it seems to be.

As an eid gift to myself I saw ‘Casablance’ earlier in the day. WOW! That is one good movie. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine”. It is a classic. It must be seen.

you must remember this

a kiss is just a kiss

a sigh is just a sigh

the fundamental things apply

as time goes by

and when two lover woo

they still say i love you

on that you can rely

no matter what the future brings

as time goes by

Now the interesting searches for the day

pakistani,indian Khanay In Urdu Language —> Ohk Ohk why the hell is google telling me that I am fat ???

temprature of karachi —> As I always say … What heavenly weather doth thou have, O Karachi.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.


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