12 Zilhaj 1424 Today I got up at the friends ho…

12 Zilhaj 1424

Today I got up at the friends house. Dazed with all the tea and coke we had last night. A big big hangover. The specific coke and tea hangover when you want to keep sleeping. But we got up. The most interesting thing was that we got up only to ruin each other’s sleep. The basic reason I forced myself to get up first was to wake the others and see their expressions full of hatred and malice. I didn’t miss one. I love myself. And when you meet me, you will too.

Our family suddenly decided that we should go boating. Which includes going to Kaemari / Port (Which is at the other end of Karachi for us). Then getting on a boat and sailing off to a slight distance. Look at the lights and eat the food cooked right there on the boat for us. As it turned out the trip to the port was uneventful. Then when we got there a swarm of locust like marketeers engulfed our hapless family. Fighthing for the market share that we represent. Eventually one of the best bids got us. The boat was small. Twenty feet. But enough for a dozen people.

I have never been on water. So this was the first time I was going to sail. Excitedly I boarded the thing which moves violently due to my weight. Then everyone joined in as if it were normal for the boat to ricket like a twig in a hurricane. I decided to like it and not obsess about the eventuality of the boat capsizing and everyone swimming to shore and me being led off on a swift current to a far off island inhabited by me and three women. Disgusting. So I didnt think about it.

It was a wonderful feeling. The boat was moving on the waves. It was slowly moving away from the lights into the inky black waters. We could see the stars. I like was the first to pinpoint Polaris (like every time). I am the best at it. With a lot of reservations from the rest of my family of course. But we wont mention that.

Oh and the food was wonderful. Fried Crabs, Crab soup, Crap lollipop, Spicy Crabs and Potato Curry. WOW. WOW. WOW. A complete delight. It was wonderful food. I would suggest everyone in Karachi to take their family there immediately. It would be an evening to remember.

Oh and I learnt one thing. I suffer from sea sickness.

Awe inspiring searches for the day.

stock guid karachi stock exchange —> Khushi say mar na jatey agar aitebar hota.

Inside Cafe “karachi” —> I live in Karachi. But honest to God, I have no idea what this is about.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.


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