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17 Zilhaj 1424 I am sure you have read the prev…

17 Zilhaj 1424

I am sure you have read the previous post. Kind of an impulsive thing to do I might add. Like many others that I end up doing.

So how do you feel when someone you know and have grown to trust a bit stabs you in the back. What ? It doesn’t feel that good. Oh. I think I would agree with you. Because that is exactly how I feel.

But you know what feels better? To forgive them and regain their trust in a matter of only one week. They begin to worship you for being the nice guy who forgave them and helps then. Then when you realize that you have turned one who cheated you into one who will not do that again and who likes you and trusts you. You stab them in the back so hard the blade comes out the front. Now to see the look change from puppy dog eyes to shock and awe. That is what feels better. Giving them a stronger dose of their own medicine.

A mixture of Chanikya and Machiavelli. I have to say.

Oh … and in case you think this was my story you are wrong. I am the one who was stabbed and felt sorry for himself.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.

Thank God

17 Zilhaj 1424

An irregular post, something slightly uncommon for me now.

Thank God I am gay. And. Thank God I am psychotic. These two situations make me much much better than average sane and hetrosexual humans. I wallow in the wonders of my particular situation.