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21 Zilhaj 1424 In Pakistan you get to see a lot…

21 Zilhaj 1424

In Pakistan you get to see a lot when you are on the road. Inner city travel of course. Now, I have never seen anyone skating in Pakistan ever. The only experience that I have is form movies and my trip to the US. Imagine my consternation(Dont try, as there wasnt a lot) when I see four people skating on a main road. Yes. A main road. They were in complete gear and they were actually skating. And I saw them glide through 2 signals. Yeah. I know. It was so interesting to see that. And so very very uncommon.

Another incident, on the same day. Yeah I know, what a roll. I was at a traffic signal when opposite I saw two motorcycles stop. Then the drivers shook hands and hugged (In Pakistan hugging is a common practice when you meet someone, the lack of it might be considered rude and offensive). I was thinking about how small a chance it is for two people to meet like this in a city of 11 million people. But then to my absolute surprise the guy in the car next to one of them rolled down his window shook hands with the motorcyclist. And well the odds just went out of the drawing board.

So, all in all today was a day of experiencing fat chances. Oh I wonder why I said fat.

Oh and I am looking forward to the party tomorrow. It is a chance for me to finally get laid. But I am sure I won’t have the nerve to take that step.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.

I am so so so fucking gay.

I am so so so fucking gay.

I am so so so so so so so happy. Two of my friends…

I am so so so so so so so happy. Two of my friends just grew up. I got the news ten minutes ago. I am so happy.