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26 Zilhaj 1424 I saw an interesting movie today…

26 Zilhaj 1424

I saw an interesting movie today “The Butterfly Effect”. I would recommend it as a must see. It was very interesting. And the same thing happened to me that happens every time. Everytime I see a movie that shows any form or format of psychologically paranormal situations my mind gets completely skewed. When I saw “Mememto” I lost all sense of time for about 5-6 hours. No, no, really, I did. When I saw “Fight Club” I could not grasp reality for about two days. I thought everything was going on as it did in the movie. This is what happens to me. I get too involved into such movies and then when the movie finishes it keeps going on in my mind at some level.

On top of the completely messed up and psychologically imbalanced situation I was in I decided to do something to aggravate it.

I decided to try a little of drugs. There is this drug called “Mallu” or what we might call Rod. It is mixed in cigarettes and smoked. I did not take a lot of it. I took about one puff. But that was enough. Within an hour I was lying on the bed. And I was having the strangest of thoughts. It was as if suddenly I have 500 different threads of thought running in my mind. And I am no multi tasking Operating System. It was very very strange. I think I could have done anything at that time (I was at my cousin’s house). I wanted to try and fly. I remember I was walking in the room and wondering why I did not take off as an aeroplane. Then one of my friends jokingly told me to make a sentence is Urdu that is so hard that noone can understand. I kept making up English sentences.

And then I was having a sever problem with time. I was continuously feeling as if I am going back and forth in time. Now back. Now forth.

Moral : You should not get high after watching a movie that has completely messed up your brain.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.