28 Zilhaj 1424 I (just like everyone else) real…

28 Zilhaj 1424

I (just like everyone else) realize after small intervals of time (few years) how I have matured with time. This realization usually dawns with a sudden flashing memory of something I did in the past and do not think I will ever do again (unless lunacy overtakes me). Recently I have learnt that it actually is a continuous process. Thank goodness for the process of thinking.

There is something that I did quite often in college(University for those you would think otherwise). I have somehow stopped doing it after college. I have attributed this change to different factors at different times. What are they? Oh, ok, they would include maturity, better mental health, fear of being caught and ostracized from the community and the fact that I want to be more grown up than most 12 year olds.

I am about to tell you what it is. Do not judge me. I am still a good person. Here it is, when I am too excited I talk to myself in the mirror (I told you not to judge me!). Last time that I noticed doing that was today. I was saying to myself “You are so excited arent you, OH MY GOD!!! You are so excited”. That is when I relized I was talking to myself. I stopped immediate. Blushed infront of my image. Realized that that was even more strange. Left the bathroom. And decided to become normal as soon as possible.

I caught myself talking to my image an hour later. Then another thought hit me. Maybe I am not rid of the habit. Maybe I am so used to it that I do not notice it any more. I am not drinking man so I will raise my glass of water (boiled, since all drinking water is boiled in Karachi) to Psychosis and to severe issues with being normal.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.


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