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5 Muharram 1425 OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! I j…

5 Muharram 1425



I just spent two hours with the most ill mannered, disfunctional, evil and uncultured family ever.

They comprise of a Gentleman (distant relative) and a Lady. Their two daughters who are one and three years old. And the Lady’s Parents.

The Gentlemen while trying to stop his 3 year old daughter from doing something screamed at her ‘sooar ki bacchi’ (piglet). My blood froze and I melted into the earth. The wrost thing that my father had ever said near me was Goof. This expletive is never ever uttered. I was sitting there in shock.

At this point the Lady comes in and start to say (very loudly) that the gentleman is wasting his time by sleeping all the time and she has to meet wtih people. She was too loud. I was so embarrased. I wanted to literally run away.

Then the lady’s mother came in and started to take the side of her daughter and started telling her son in law how lucky he is to have her. All this in front of guests. And the most horrible thing is. It was natural to them. They did not feel at all awkward about it. I was dying within. Their lack of civilizaton was murdering me slowly.

Then the Lady’s father trying to get his son in law’s attention about something called him by saying OYE. Now oye is used by fishermen and street fighters.

By this moment I was so shocked that I told them I was ill. I went into the bathroom to apparently clean up. And then I went out for some fresh air.

It was the most horrible visit to anyone’s house ever.

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