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6 Muharram 1425 Slightly calm after having to b…

6 Muharram 1425

Slightly calm after having to bear the burden of society yesterday.

A couple of friends went out today to get car tyres for a friend of ours. Now, you all aware (and, my friends are much more aware) that I do not know anything about cars. They asked me to check out the tyres for their rubber quality while standing by smoking and expecting me to tell them what they asked. I turned into a glob of jelly that has just changed shape due to abnormal chemical changes (read : to many nerve impulses). I stood there looking aghast at them. They looked back at me. And laughed. I hate them. But at least they can be humorous. Something that can not be said about many other people that I know.

Then later on we went to a dinner party. It was a large party with many people. Me and my friends were standing in one corner and trying to gobble more Koftaas than the annual meat consumption of the Vatican City. Suddenly a group of girls came up behind us (the best word to describe them would be : female dog) and quite loudly started making fun of people who can not speak proper English. They called these poor dears Urdu mediums and what not. And they seemed as if they were in college, so they were quite mature.

Now I do consider myself normal (yeah right Jalal, lie, that will get them to believe you) (hey, you shut up and leave my blog alone) but I did something I could never ever have thought possible in the past. I turned around to face them. I confronted the girl that was the most active amongst them. Turned my Classical Urdu on overdrive and asked her if there is anything wrong with being able to speak proper Urdu. She was taken aback but she was good. She said no there isn’t but anyone who ever learnt Urdu never did anything useful or were able to speak English. To which there was a general peel of laughter amongst her cronies (I started disliking her so I will use the word cronies). Then I turned my English into overdrive and using the heaviest and most unneccary vocabulary told them about how they should first get an education and then talk about things she cannot possibly understand. She was about to say something when about 7,864 aunties swooped in from all sides and all the youngsters (combatants) were taken aside and prompty asked about which people from the other group they liked, so that marriages and other such trivial hetrosexual pursuits can be started.

It has been a very interesting day indeed.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here. Where I have started to try to teach Urdu as well.