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15 Muharram 1425 How overworked can a guy be? T…

15 Muharram 1425

How overworked can a guy be? That is the question buffeting the minds of millions of hardworking people (begin: crazed commie rant) and of a few blood sucking capitalist (P-word)s who own big corporations and thrive on the blood and sweat of other humans (end : crazed commie rant). I have found the answer today.

I have slept only 4 hours in the past two days. I have written at least 10,000 words in the past two days. And yes, being grammatically, syntactically and semantically correct are basic requirements that take time and effort. (begin: anti fate rant) And languages are a tool made by the powers that be in the wee hours of human history only for the sole reason of hurting me and putting me, Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan, in misery and pain. To feel the wonders of seeing an innocent and perfect human being in pain and writign abotu in the dust obsessing over the deadlines (end: anti fate rant).

I have a vague feeling that these differnt kinds and genres of rants will keep coming and going as this post progresses. So I think I will just stop here and spare you the wonder that is Jala.