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18 Muharram 1425 Last night was a bad night. Th…

18 Muharram 1425

Last night was a bad night. The network was down all night. Hence no posts.

Remember I posted about a Dr. S a few days ago. Well after spending a lot of time with me online he apparently decided he doesnt like me any more and hasn’t contacted me in four days. His loss. I can not say anything more except that if any of you want to have only sex with me. The proper question is “will you have sex with me Jalal ?”. Not emotionally blackmailing me by talking to me as if you were really interested.

In other news I got to talk to a college friend S.A.R. after a very long time. He is doing fine in his studies and he had managed to find the company of good people to be with. I think the greatest wish would be to want the company of great individuals (not great people, great indivuduals).

And in interesting news. My sister slipped today. I kept making fun of her for 2 hours. And then during the course of day I managed to slip threefour times. And my whole family made fun of me all day long. I think they are just horrible people to make fun of me when they should be comforting me and makeing fun of my no good sister who hasnt even learnt how to stand properly.

I just cant get some people.