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20 Muharram 1425 I was talking to my friend H f…

20 Muharram 1425

I was talking to my friend H from Toronto a few days ago. He made me realize one thing. I am a gay muslim. To the ensuing question of ‘You didn’t know that before?’ my answer would be ‘Yes, I knew that before, DOH! But I am only understanding the ramificiations now’. Those of you who haven’t stopped reading this post, I promise it will get better.

You see muslim men are allowed to marry four women at a given time. I am gay. And I am a Muslim. So I should be allowed to marry 4 men at any given time. Which in effect would also mean that I should be allowed to be going out with 4 different men at the same time. And of course I am not saying this because of any desire of unbridles hedonsitic pleasure, I am saying this because it is allowed in my religion.

Also, since it is allowed by religion, I don’t think that anyone should feel uncomfortable about this. And I would also like it if my husbands / boyfriends married / went out with three others to have a full set of four with them as well. See, I am not one who will stop others from doing what I myself enjoy. And, after all, it is about what is allowed by religion and now about unbridled hedonistic pleasures.