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23 Muharram 1425 It has happened before. But, t…

23 Muharram 1425

It has happened before. But, this time it is different. I can feel it.

This whole India Pakistan thing. It was always a rollercoaster. Love hate love hate. It was a political game for our leaders. To get votes and for other political gains. Every time they used to create dissentions between the people. Spreading false propaganda and making us hate each other on the basis of religion. But no more.

This time I can feel a difference. I could feel it but it became evident during the first match between India and Pakistan. The way the crowd behaved. The five minute standing ovation for India. The feeling of friendship growing amongst us.

It seems like the time just before the dawn. When the light finally breaks through the dark of night and spreads all over the place. It was a long and dark night but I am ready for our day in the sun. We Indians and Pakistanis deserve some peace.

To the new dawn!