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25 Muharram 1425 In normal households the woman…

25 Muharram 1425

In normal households the woman of the house usually takes some interest in the working of the house. She makes sure that there is food and the house is clean. She teaches and educates the kids.

Well not in Pakistan. In Pakistan women dont work. They dont cook. The dont clean. They dont teach the kids. They have a دھوبن (washerwoman) to clean the clothes. They have a باورچن (cook) to cook the food. They have a ماسی (cleaner) to clean the house. And, they have a ماسٹر صاحب (tutor) to teach the children. What do they do? Honestly, I have no idea. Since they don’t even usually look if the workers are doing the work properly the clothes aren’t clean enough, the food isn’t good enough, the house isn’t clean enough and the children are all semi educated morons who have no idea what to say to the eastern greeting آداب (Aadab).

Yes, you are right. I had a huge fight with امی (mom). I told her all of this as well. So we are not on talking terms.