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04 Safar 1425 Today was one of those eventful a…

04 Safar 1425

Today was one of those eventful and interesting days that we read about in novels and cheap self help books. Many things that others will find much more amusing happened to me today.

The day started by me waking up and swinging my legs over the side of the bed to get the paper which I read in the loo. The next moment I found myself lying with my cheek on the Firoz ul Lughat that I had put on the floor. I tried to get up but fell again. Then I realized that my left foot was completely asleep and I could not move it or feel it at all. After 5 minutes of massaging I hobbled around in my Byronic gait (Puh, I wish!) for the paper.

Then at mid morning tea in the office I accidentally dropped the cup on the floor. Everyone looked at me for an eternity.

At lunch I accidentally dropped my cell phone on the counter and it nearly went into the bowl of gravy. I say nearly because the attendant jumped about 10 meters within one franction of a second and caught it before it fell in.

Then finally at dinner the food was wonderful. I was eating as a hog. When I choked on my food. And the whole family was in an uproar.

I hope this day will end so I will have a new beginning tomorrow.

I have no idea how to ask for your forgiveness. Bu…

I have no idea how to ask for your forgiveness. But my ISP guy found out that I have been visiting this blog a lot. He asked me if I know about any blogspot sites. I told him they are popups from news and current events sites. The moron bought it. So I am taking a break from the blogging.

Again, I dont know how to say I am sorry for not posting. I will start tomorrow.