05 Safar 1425 A new outlook is up. If you do no…

05 Safar 1425

A new outlook is up. If you do not like it. It is ok. You can join the club along with me, Frank Lloyd Right and Picasso. Although I hate Picasso but at times you just have to pay more importance to ‘the cause’ rather than to smaller issues like personal rivalries or the truth.

Today was an interesting day. I nearly had four accidents. If you want to ask me “However did you manage that?”. Don’t. I have no answer to that. It is completely unacceptable to do that without being drunk or in the presence of religious leaders.

I have recently noticed that my excitement level is very high. I usually do things that people only do once they are drunk or high or in states that they should not be made answerable for. This does not reflect well on the sedate, calm and collected gentleman that I hallucinated myself to be. Not at all.

Today was very windy in Karachi. Many carries / ambies / baby mangoes that are all unripe and bitter fell down to the ground. My mom immediately decided to hurt me and got me to gather them and bring them in. She made a wonderful chutney from it. I guess sometimes good things can come out of moving yourself from the chair.

A reminder that my Urdu blog is here.


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