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07 Safar 1425 After I tell you what happened ye…

07 Safar 1425

After I tell you what happened yesterday I am sure you will all be very proud of me. You will all be elevated in the eyes of the world for being people who knew Jalal before he became famous.

It is about me reaching new levels of psychosis. You all know I am fond of talking to myself at times. Sometimes on the blog. On many occasions when I was walking about or doing something else. Today was a very fertile (no you pervert, not that one) day in this regard. I was talking to myself. For your enjoyment I shall write down some of the sentences that I am pretty sure happened.

Jalal-1 : Jalal, Stop obsessing about it ok. STOP IT NOW!

Jalal-2 : Yeah of course. You are the one to talk.

Jalal-1 : How dare you talk to me like that!

And then suddenly something happend that took the whole level of psychosis to new levels. So thing that had never happened before. As far as I can recall.

Jalal-3 : Can you please stop talking to Jalal. It gets so crowded in here.

Suddenly I was shocked out of my wits. I mean I usually like to play two characters. But a third. It was a shock. It is as if he grew in there by himself. Nah I am only joking. Why do I get the feeling that anyone reading this blog will never want to be my boyfriend?