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08 Safar 1425 I just saw an interesting movie t…

08 Safar 1425

I just saw an interesting movie today. Signs. The only thing that I noticed in the movie was Joaquin Phoenix. I mean. DAMN. He is very hot.

Hmmmm. That was my usual crazed, desperate, needy and pathetic state. Let me get back to my normal (unnatural) state so I can talk about things that you people can relate to and find interesting.

I was listening to some wonderful music today. South Asian Classical music. It was a CD of Ustab Vilayat Ali Khan and Ustan Bismillah Khan in a Sitar Shehnai duo. I have to say. I dont know any of technical terms that can describe the beatufy of this particular CD but I am sure it was a treat to all who enjoy this music.

To think that Ustab Vilayat Ali Khan just passed away. Leaving a blank space. Other may shine but his place cannot be filled. It was Ustab Vilayat Ali Khan. There can be no other.

It is unfortunate that one by one all the great Ustand of Classical music are no more. It is more unfortunate that noone else is taking their place.

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