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09 Safar 1425 I just did something that I neve…

09 Safar 1425

I just did something that I never thought I would get to do in my life. I taught someone something related to sports. I taught my younger sister how to hold a table tennis racquet and I taught her how to throw a basketball (assuming that that is the right way to hold it). I have just imparted sporting knowledge.

I am feeling so butch right now. I have to forcefully stop myself from shaving my beard with some sharpened knife.

To add to the whole feeling butch extravaganza. I played cards for about 3 hours tonight. Me and the guys played Courtpiece. You might not know this but I can get very competitive very soon. Since I usually always get over obsessive and this usually leads me to losing something that I contested in to the bitter end. That makes me even more bitter and jaded.

That is exactly what happened last night. I lost a lot and now I am feeling angry at myself and everything in general. Even at the fact that why am I writing this post in Opera when I am used to Netscape.

I think it is time to get some sleep lest I blather too much in this state of sleeplessness and irritation.