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10 Safar 1425 Today was just another average da…

10 Safar 1425

Today was just another average day in my life. The usual accidental dropping of the water bottle on my paperwork and saying shit shit shit shit shit under my breath. The usual jumping infront of the bathroom door but being too conscious / polite to knock or scream at the person inside. The usual overly candid remarks during formal conversations which end up with everyone staring at me. The usual unadvertant expletive uttered in solitude but heard by the most unlikely and dangerous person. The usual fight with my mother or one of my sisters which always ends up with them getting the last word and me pretending I did not hear it when they know I heard it. The usual crowd at the bus stop after work and me not getting into the bus any time soon because of the jostling and hating myself for not being one of the pushers.

Oh wait. It wasn’t a usual day after all. I didn’t scare away any prospective boyfriends / girlfriends away today. So tough luck. But I will do that all tomorrow Inshallah and if I succeed I will tell you guys about it.