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14 Safar 1425 So exactly why do I seriously scr…

14 Safar 1425

So exactly why do I seriously screw up all of my relationships? I think I have learnt the answer.

I open up too soon. I become myself too soon. Whereas other people keep acting like someone who they are not.

I should learn to be shallow, artificial, superficial and uncaring.

Then everyone will think I am a nice guy and I wont screw up my relationships like I do now.

Oh, and another thing. I have to stop that annoying thing I do. Annoying thing being – talking. I should not communicate with people at all, then I will retain my relationships.

But, Oh, I dont think that would work.

What the hell. I am going to be lonely and alone and without anyone to talk to. Just the way I was meant to be.