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15 Safar 1425 You are at the office. You have e…

15 Safar 1425

You are at the office. You have enjoying some leisure time. Suddenly your friend turns up slaps your butt and says catch me if you can. Now I realized that I am not 62. I also realized that if I do run after him, some people might think it cute of us young folks to be prancing about the office. So I did just that. I ran. He ran. I ran. He ran. We ran into my boss. Who from the looks of things was less than enthused.

But I posed him with my finger and said ‘چھو ليا’ or ‘touched you’. Then I removed myself from his presence post haste and went to my side of the office. He came by four times. But I athletically and deftly manauvered so he could not come close to me and poke me. The fourth time I was beaming with glee as I saw the old hag in our department chastite my friend for coming into our section of the office so many times. I actually chimed in and said he should not come on.

Then my boss called me into his office. The blinds were closed so I thought that I may finally get to have some fun on his office table (yes, big, shock, I have a crush on my boss). But unfortunately like most straight men he is also in denial. What he did do was that he told me that if he ever sees me running in the office again valueable limbs will be hacked off and given to rare carnivorous animals to feast upon. Unfortunately for me this cocky son of a bitch attitude intensified the crush that I had on him.

When I was returning from work the only thing that I was thinking was not about my boss. It was about how I was the last one to poke the other guy. I was so happy. Then as the car was stopping over a speed breaker. Suddenly someone pokes me through the open glass and says ‘چھو ليا’ or ‘touched you’. After that I am just depressed. That guy better be prepared because I am not going to loose tomorrow.