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16 Safar 1425 I am from Pakistan. A former Brit…

16 Safar 1425

I am from Pakistan. A former British colony. I hate the word colony. I hate the word former colony. I hate the word British. I hate the concept of “White man’s burden”. I hate the idea that people from Europe (with a per capita manufacturing level holf of us South Asians at that time) would come over here to teach us things like proper governance (when there was widespread corruption in England), religious tolerance (something that the Europeans shoudl have learn form the Mughals) and the rule of law (remember the partitions of Poland).

I hate the concept of Britishers saying that we gave you the railroads (Japan made them without any colozinizing power), legal systems (Thailand has one without the help of any colonizing powers), democracy (a – democracy sucks and it is not the right system for us, b – have you seen the democracy that you have given us) and modern army (only built to quell local revolts and during WWII when the Japanese were about to invade).

I hate colonialist. I hate the fact that the largest diamond in the centre of the crown of the British Queen was taken from India. I hate the fact that British museums have more artifacts from South Asia than we have over here. I hate the fact that during the Raj the British used to have sings saying “No dogs or Indians” allowed on mnay buildings. I hate the fact that throughtout their 200 year reign of terror the tarrifs on local manufacturers were many many times those of British manufacturers.

I hate the fact that they burnt and bombarded the area of Dehli adjacent to the Jamia Masjid because that area was the centre of Indian Muslim nobility from all over the country. I hate the fact that cities were looted whole sale and everythign found its way back in Britain (there are more South Asian manuscripts, carpets, armamments and jewelry in private collections all over Europe than there are in South Asia).

I can keep going on but I would stop here and say. I hate colonialism. I hate the British for their two century long reign of terror in South Asia. I want all of the things looted from us back in our museums. That is not counting all the money syphoned off to Britian.

A note to Americans. I am sure you think I am being very emotional. But believe me if you guys dont leave Iraq soon. The Iraqis will think as strongly about you for the coming two centuries as I do about the British. I am sure you dont want that. Because at the end of the day it is a colonial enterprise no matter how much you intend to sugar coat it.

p.s – I just read in the newspaper that the sword of Tipu Sultan has been bought by an Indian and is back in his country of Mysore. Words can not explain my pride and joy at this event.