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18 Safar 1425 For the last two weeks I have the…

18 Safar 1425

For the last two weeks I have the same song as an alarm. It start to blare diligently at 0800 every morning. I did not sleep a lot last night. When the song started to play at 0800 today I wanted to break the speakers. Everything about the song sounded so very irritating. I forced myself to not go out of control.

This happens to everyone who uses songs for alarms on a daily basis. I remember destroying three very good songs that I loved by this method while at the university. Ace of Base – Lucky Love. U2 – Elevation. Beatles – Raindrops keep falling on my head.

So if you dont like a song and someone else does then you should tell them to use it as an alarm. They won’t suspect your Machiavellian designs and you will get your way. Although I must warn you that this thing never worked out for me. Since people are not as lazy as me and change their alarms oftner than I do.