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19 Safar 1425 I have finally decided to not des…

19 Safar 1425

I have finally decided to not destroy each and every one of my weekends. I was supposed to meet T but my mom went out and I had to stay at home since I had the keys. I know. I have the strangest issues. These very issues cause my life to suck at times.

But then the day became much much better.

I went to my cousins house for an all nighter. A night full of playing cards. Courtpiece to be precise. Now, I have very bad luck. I usually lose and my partners also get the most horrid of cards. I am known for that. But today was different. I got excellent cards. I played excellently. I came up with excellent quips and remarks and wise cracks. And. I came up with the most excellent of come backs.

At the end of the night. Which is now. I had outspoken everyone. Outplayed everyone. Outshone everyone. Outbitched everyone. And outsourced everyone (no idea where this outsourced bit came from).

I am such a stud and I am so fucking cool.