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22 Safar 1425 First of all. OH MY GOD! I was us…

22 Safar 1425

First of all. OH MY GOD! I was using a new shaving foam today. As soon as I put the lather on my face I was taken aback. It has the strongest smell of mint. And It burned me. It was so very fresh that it felt as if it is burning me. I decided to go ahead with it but it was the strangest shave I ever had. When I asked my cousin to check it out he said there was nothing wrong with the foam. Then I remembered American shaving foam have a very strong mint feeling and I am not used to that.

When I went to the US. They day I got there I bought some mints. As soon I put one in my mouth and chewed it I felt as if I have put a smouldering piece of coal in my mouth. It was very very strong. I spit it out in the car park of the store. My cousin laughed at me and she told me that she wanted to warn me but decided to see what I do when I taste it. After that I always taste things from foreign countries before eating them. Better safe than spitting.

And this reminds me. God damn it. I am still feeling cold and tingly on my face. I am never using that shaving foam again. Except to experiment with it once.