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25 Safar 1425 Has any one of you ever noticed h…

25 Safar 1425

Has any one of you ever noticed how hard it is to talk to someone who is extremely sleepy. Even that over the net. Where they make spelling mistakes instead of the slurry speech. There are major errors in spelling. Something that one can live with and make out the correct spelling in context. But over here the line of thought and the logical structure of speech is not present. Making it impossible to know what is said. On top of this there are strange, misspelt, incoherent sentences that would not make any sense even if the grammar and spellings were corrected.

This is what happened to me yesterday when my semi dead friend was trying to tell me something. It took me 5 minutes and him about 20 repitions to understand that he has been awake for 46 hours. He knows that my college record is 52 hours. I knew he can not beat me. He knew he can not beat me. But at least he tried. Although he failed. This invariably means that I am a healthy, strong stud who is in complete control of his body (as you can see this was a cheap tactic to pull future prospective boyfriends towards me – do not use it on your blog).

Immediately after telling me that he has been awake for 46 hours he told me that birds have beautiful wings that make colours in the air; aeroplanes are huge metallic ships in the sky and Cricket is a game for people who like to lie in the grass. Yes. I know it does not mean anything. That is why I confronted him as soon as he had had his sleep. He denied everything. I presented him with proof. He said I had made it up. I am of the opinion that since he did not beat my record he is sore and will not acknowledge me. Well he can have it his way. He still knows I am the bigger stud.