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27 Safar 1425 Yesterday I got a comment by a gu…

27 Safar 1425

Yesterday I got a comment by a guy who was asking me to try to be stright.

Well the thing is I do appreciate female beauty. Laetitia Casta, Jodi Foster, Catherine Xeta Jones and of course Reese Witherspoon . I do enjoy watching these women. I so enjoy watching women in real life as well. At times there is even an element of lust involved. But not usually. I just do not have feelings for women like I have for men. I would always choose a man over a woman. Unless he is horribly grotesque and the woman is actually a man disguised as a woman. But that defeats the whole purpose doesnt it.

There were times when my attraction towards women increased. I have to admit I have had periods when I was quite bisexual even. But they were periods after which I used to come back into the loving bosom of homosexuality. I did have one or two crushes on girls in the past. But trust me that doesnt mean anything since during that time in invariably has a crush on about 10 other men as well. So in effect it was just something that I could talk to my friends about the feel normal. Something that I have realized at 23 that I am not.

And here is a very badly composed Rubai in English with a complete murder or the rules of metre (وزن، بہر).

At the end of the day

I do think I am gay

I do want a man

To take me away

p.s – I prostrate myself in you present to forgive my cold hearted murder of the poetic genre of Rubai