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28 Safar 1425 Today I was enjoying a wonder br…

28 Safar 1425

Today I was enjoying a wonder breakfast. Fried Eggs, Omelettes, Boiled Eggs, Paratha, Buns, Bread, Butter, Cheese, Creme, Sausages, Achaar, Milk, Lassi, Coffee and Tea. Yes, my mother made all of that. And then I act like an ingrate and say bad things about her.

While I was enjoying the breakfast my mother finished her Fajr prayers and sat down besides me. Her face fresh from the wuzoo and the morning time. Then she started telling me that she had a dream. It was about a park where I fell into the water way and was swept away. And then she and my father kept saying that the current is too strong and that they can not save me. And thy kept running after me but couldnt do anything.

Then she started crying. She kept saying I could not save you I could not save you. And she kept crying for 10 minutes. Then my sisters inteceded and hushed her up. Those 10 minutes where as if the heavens were cleft asunder and ligntning bolts fell on my head. It was one of the most painful experiences in my life. It is rightly said that if nothing else than a woman’s tears can melt the heart of a man.

I am feeling so strange about that. I feel as if I had hurt her myself.

She has been telling the dream to everyone that she met today and I have been telling everyone that I sure she pushed me in the dream and is now just trying to get the pity.