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02 Rabi ul Awwal Another weekend. Another night…

02 Rabi ul Awwal

Another weekend. Another night out with the guys. Rather, another long long session of the card games Hearts (Black Queen) and Courtpiece (Rang / Turup). So another night in with the guys. Just as a general nugget of information the guys are all straight and feel strangely uneasy when I flirt with them openly (openly being amongst out group of friends, not in public). Some of them blush, some of them threaten to get violent, which makes me flirt with them even more, which horrifies the living daylights out of them and stops them.

The whole evening includes walks to the nearby tea shop at about 2000, 2200, 0000, 0200 (from which I have just returned), 0400, 0600 and finally at about 0800 (note:these are approximate figures and their being taken as correct figues will make my friends look like a bunch of psychos – which they are not.). After the 0800 tea ‘thing’ we all just go to our homes and fall down semi dead on our beds not being able to sleep due to the excessive tiredness.

During the course of the night at least one of us gets high and talks about the strangest things which we laugh like hell at. At least one of us tries to get drunk by drinking alcoholic drinks but doesnt get drunk and we all them him to stop since he is obviously too much of a girl to handle things like that. At least one of us gets so sleepy that he sleeps while sitting or standing even (no I am not fibbing) and we have to keep him awake to enjoy the boys night out.

We all wake up late in the evening. Every week we decide to make Saturday the granddaddy of Friday night and to make it a wild orgy of gastronomical delights and competitive games such as cards but we are too beat to do that and half of us go to sleep at times enabling us to go to work on Monday fresh and juicy (did I just say juicy ? EW!). The other half just try to have a fun time and spend 2-3 hours that to an outside would be a bore fest at par with the Islamiat lectures of my 11th grade teacher (long story for another day).

So I have to go or someone else will take my place and then ill have to wait half an hour for being a part of the game. Ill tell you if anything else comes up.