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04 Rabi ul Awwal I havent read any of your blog…

04 Rabi ul Awwal

I havent read any of your blogs for so long that I seem to be cut off from all of you.

I hate it when wild, crazed and thirst weekends end. Specially ones where you push cars for long distances and your friends come over to your house bloody from all the fight that they had gotten into.

I told them that they could have easily beaten up the other guys. If they acted like real men and didnt use wooden boards (yes, wooden boards) during the fight. I mean come on. Only non male men use weapons. Weapons are for sissies who cant fight with bare hands. Men fight hand to hand and show who got the balls to fight. I told them that they could have taken 10 guys each if the other team (I know team is not the right word here but I dont have an alternative, of course I cant say army can I ?) had not cheated. I told them that they got beaten but in reality the other guys were beaten since they proved their lack on manhood while you guys showed that you can fight unarmed with armed men. I mean come on – show of balls! Manhood!

In reality we all knew I was wrong. The other group was smaller. It did have wooden boards but from what I know some of the guys there were total wusses. I mean even I could take them (you have no idea how extreme that is). And one or two of them seemed as if their families could not have afforded proper food when they were kids. Well, whatever, they got beaten by a smaller group of wusses. They didnt need friends to tell them that they suck. All they needed were pats manly punches on the back and the negation of there recently lost manhood. I mean they did win after all. A moral victory in a physical fight.

Is it me or can’t I not even convince myself about this.

03 Rabi ul Awwal Talking about guys night out. …

03 Rabi ul Awwal

Talking about guys night out. Today was the oddest guys night over ever. My friends car ran out of gas about a kilometer away from our neighbourhood. First we went to get petrol. It didnt start after we put that in. Then we asked a few people for help. Still nothing. So me and my friend just pushed the car all the way home. I am such a stud. I feel like going out, eating some raw meat and then spitting all around like really masculine men.

About the rest of guys night out (or rather in). I dont knwo what happened. They played cards all night long. Amidst regular trips to the tea shop and regular electrical load shedding sessions. And I slept. All through that. When I did get up it was late in the night. Half of the guys were playing cards. The other half was watching porn. And I would say that guess which one I did, but I think you all already know.

An interesting thing about me and porn is that after a very very long time I was watching it with other people around. But even so I managed to get myself very excited. Which is strange since I thought I had gotten immune to porn after watching it at least an hour a day for the four years that I was in university and more since.

So after telling you all that I am a stud and a slut in the same post. I think I need to leave before I confess other private details like my playing around with this guy while he was drunk. But like I said. I will leave before I say something stupid.