03 Rabi ul Awwal Talking about guys night out. …

03 Rabi ul Awwal

Talking about guys night out. Today was the oddest guys night over ever. My friends car ran out of gas about a kilometer away from our neighbourhood. First we went to get petrol. It didnt start after we put that in. Then we asked a few people for help. Still nothing. So me and my friend just pushed the car all the way home. I am such a stud. I feel like going out, eating some raw meat and then spitting all around like really masculine men.

About the rest of guys night out (or rather in). I dont knwo what happened. They played cards all night long. Amidst regular trips to the tea shop and regular electrical load shedding sessions. And I slept. All through that. When I did get up it was late in the night. Half of the guys were playing cards. The other half was watching porn. And I would say that guess which one I did, but I think you all already know.

An interesting thing about me and porn is that after a very very long time I was watching it with other people around. But even so I managed to get myself very excited. Which is strange since I thought I had gotten immune to porn after watching it at least an hour a day for the four years that I was in university and more since.

So after telling you all that I am a stud and a slut in the same post. I think I need to leave before I confess other private details like my playing around with this guy while he was drunk. But like I said. I will leave before I say something stupid.

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