22 Rabi ul Awwal 1425 The following post contai…

22 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

The following post contains graphic material that might disgust sane and non perverted humans. Be forewarned.

It has finally happened. It was an inevitable step in time but I was afraid of it. I was scared by it. I was dreading it. I knew it was going to take place sooner or later but I was not prepared. It was as surprising as something that is completely unexpected. It was so very sudden and so very intense that I was taken aback. The only thing that I can say is that for something this big in a man’s life there can be no preperation and there can be no getting ready.

I had tried all the possible precautions. I have tried every bit of information and advice that was given to me by a host of people. I was using things I learnt form websites, friends, experts and even doctors. I was trying my best to keep myself from all the pain. I did my homework full well but I missed out something. Or maybe there is no way out. It does hurt and it will hurt no matter what I do. In the end the only thing I can say is that it’s good that it is over with.

The only problem is that I have to walk with my legs apart and I look like an idiot that way and everyone looks at me and laughs at me. That is so embarrasing.

Yes. You are right. I am talking about exactly what you think I am talking about.

I get rashes on my thighs every summer. They are very very painful. I wear specially selected clothes, use a lot of talcum powder and work hard not to walk a lot in any clothes where there is rubbing. But goddamnit it didn’t work. I am in immense pain. I can not walk without my legs wide apart. If anyone of you knows any good way out of this tell me.

And, yes, I know I am sick. And, by the way, so are you (you know who you are).


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