28 Rabi ul Awwal 1425 I watched "Troy" today. I…

28 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

I watched “Troy” today. I learnt a few things.

1 – The Trojan who took part in the fight at the beginning was what I will call the perfect male. If anyone asks me what “my type” is then it is him, 100%. Tall, broad, muscular, goatee, coloured eyes, shaved head, warrior, scars and everything else.

2 – There was a lot of mention of honour and too little of it amongst the belligerents. The Trojans were a lot more honourable than the Greeks though. Or maybe I am just partial due to the person mentioned in point 1.

3 – If somehow Homer could be brought back to life. He would commit some sort of Greek suicide ritual after seeing how Hollywood can bastardize his epics. Epics that have remained unchanged for millennia are desecrated into being sexy box office hits. Shame. And lust as well.

4 – I have realized that Orlando Bloom can actually be attractive, Eric Bana can be a feast and I still don’t like Brad Pitt at all. Brad Pitt is one of those people who I will kick out of bed. No wonder I never get laid.

5 – I realized that a certain physical condition can be maintained by me for periods as long as two hours.


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