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14 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425 First of all. Why would…

14 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425

First of all. Why would someone search for love@juce? Why does that not make any sense to me? And finally why does my blog result in this search?

Now I can hear someone in the back (why the hell am I talking like a teacher?) asking me how my day was. Despite your mortification at thought of me actually telling you what I did all day long I will not stop. I will tell you what I did all day long. Rather. Wait. Ill just tell you about the most interesting thing that happened today.

I, for some reason still unknown to me, had to go get a picture taken. Now Karachi has a warm and humid climate. Ohk, Ohk, Ill spare you all the perversion and tell you the crux. Well lets just say that I had to change my shirt twice so that giant sweat stains on my shirts dont make it into the pictures. I had to change three shirts to get a picture. I am so frikking gay.