16 Jamadi us Sani 1425 Regarding those pictures…

16 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Regarding those pictures that I took after changing the shirt three times. The shop guy tried his best to delay them so much that I could not get them at all. Well I showed him. I took the things in time. I accepted his apology. And in the end I even said ‘it’s ok’ despite having to wait in his shop for an hour. Oh, damnit! It turns out I did not ‘show him’ after all. Well there is always next time.

Today I learnt something that you all should learn from as well. Never step on something that looks like oil. You might just slip and after some very vigorous hand / foot / hip / head motions regain your balance. But, in the process loose the respect of all the passersby. Although you do not know them and will never meet them but their opinion makes an integral part of our lives. Hence we should make sure that we dont step on the oil.

If you ever, ever say that it was me who stepped on the oil. I will catagorically deny it.


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