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09 Jamadi us Sani 1425 I decided not to force…

09 Jamadi us Sani 1425

I decided not to force this down your throats when I started the Blog. I have tried to keep you away from the madness that is Jalal. But here goes all that. But I have a personal book of laws. My moral laws. From time to time I will tell you all about them.

Moral Law # 661 – Drinking too much alcohol and then regurgitating it on someone elses expensive Persian carpet is wrong.

Moral Law # 662 – If you accidentally call someone’s wife ugly to their face without knowing it is their wife you can say that you are always wrong about women’s beauty to make up for it.

Moral Law # 663 – Say sorry when you have finished spitting on someone accidentally.

Moral Law # 664 – Sex with concenting sheep is not wrong.

And here is the newest edition. The Brain National Assembly and the Brain Senate accepted this law as brain constitutional and for the better of my being.

The man who initiated the Law was Kris, so please visit his blog and tell him that you approve of the way he things. And that he had instituted a major addition to human moral/legal knowledge.

Moral Law # 665 – You can say all sorts of crap if you get to make out with a guy because of the crap.

Now I guess I have pulled you into the void. Ill have to keep on these Moral Laws of mine.