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11 Jamadi us Sani 1425 Hmmmmm, it rained. I w…

11 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Hmmmmm, it rained. I was sitting in my room and suddenly the sound of the wind in the Coconut trees behind my room became deafening. Scared that Allah has finally become enraged at me and intends to squash my room with the trees and end my lustful immoral existence I ran out of my room.

When I was in the Daalan (living room) one of my sisters passed by me running and screming … “barish ho rahee hay” “barish ho rahee hay” “barish ho rahee hay” (it is raining). Upon seeing that I and my other sisters also started doing that. Now, dont get me wrong, I am not from a lunaitc asylum and my family is not all mad. It was the first shower in quite a few months and we were very excited.

But as Allah would have it and that damned Murphy from England as well. The rain stopped as soon as we had positioned ourselved in the doors and windows overlooking the lawn and the porch. So we just sat there aghast. Then the rain kept on and off for as long as about one hour. And we moaned our fate.

Now, I have no idea why I told you all this. Maybe, it is because today was very very boring. Very, very boring and nothing whatsoever happened today to me.