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15 Rajab 1425 Now that I have taken 3.22 quinti…

15 Rajab 1425

Now that I have taken 3.22 quintillion pictures with my new digital camera; and now that I have burned two CDs full of digital pictures; and now that I have become so very sick of digital cameras; I think I will give the camera to my younger sister. She was salivating profusely while staring at it as abbu (father) gave me the camera. So it is only fair.

Oh, and yes, I was involved in a car accident today. Totally the other guys fault. Since my car was parked on the side of the road. So I decided to be overly macho and came out of my car all manly and gruff. The other guy came out and looked at what he had done. He started speaking.

I saw that he was gay; so I just let him go. After all, we have to stick by each other.

Now, only if he were a straight boy, I would have so kicked his ass that his friends would have made fun of him for the next twenty years.

And now I will return from my fantasy world into the real one. And you can proceed from my blog (sic) to other more entertaining things in life.