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18 Rajab 1425 I told you all about my new cell …

18 Rajab 1425

I told you all about my new cell phone. Since I am such a genius, and, since I am so normal, I had to welcome it to my life. I do that by dropping my new cell phones.

I was sitting on a very high chair. No, don’t ask me why? Ask me how high. Well, it is about 4 feet high. And please don’t ask me to explain myself. It is a whole episode where my gradfather said something about getting a higher chair as satire to my grandmother who actually got a new ‘high’ chair made for him. But I digress.

Coming back to the cell phone. There is a normal way of dropping something. It drops ever so groundwards until it reaches the ground and stops. The genius that I am, I felt it slipping so I tried desperately to catch it, obviously, since I know that I am the most athletic human being since someone in ancient Rome threw a javelin so far away that people couldnt run that far in an year.

My desperate clutch actually hit the phone so that it actually knocked the phone harder towards the ground. Much, much, harder. And that is how I broke its glass. It is working. But, there is a huge crack on the glass.

Now excuse me while I go eat my arm.