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19 Rajab 1425 Today I was reading Mushtaq Ahmed…

19 Rajab 1425

Today I was reading Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi. He is an Urdu humorist. He is, what I would call, perfection. Along with master P. G. Wodehouse and the writers of Black Adder he is my favourite humorist.

Today was a very active day for me. I had attacks of sudden side splitting laugher. I produced high pitched squeals of ecstacy. I choked on milk and then saw it dripping out of my nose as I hurtled, every so menacingly, towards the bathroom. I let out a peel of laughter that frightened my mother into jumping.

To top it all off, I laughed so loud at one point that my strong physcial control over my over filled bladder gave way to a certain but not embarrasing extent.

It was a fun, fun, day.