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20 Rajab 1425 A list of things you must never d…

20 Rajab 1425

A list of things you must never do when you meet someone for the first time (in other words, what I learnt today)

1 – Do not squeeze the other guys hand too tightly. He might actually be a shame upon the name of maledom and have a hand as fluffy as cotton, also, he might wince, loudly.

2 – Do not smile too much, especially if you just had black coffee and you teeth are blackened.

3 – Do not lapse into an awkward silence after inquiring about each others names, professions and health. Try talking about the weather.

4 – Do not try to break those silences with jokes that none of your friends ever laughed at. Not because they dont get decent jokes, but because it is extremely boring.

5 – Do not try to actually say that that joke is lame. Never, ever do that. Ok.

6 – Do not ask them if they would like something. Just get some tea and put poison in yours so you do not have to see your family honour go to dust.

7 – Do not make fun of people who wear white socks before seeing what colour socks the guest is wearing.

8 – Do not tell the other person that you have to ‘go do a thing’, because it gives you away faster than you can say antidisestablishmentarian