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25 Rajab ul Murajjab 1425 — 20 Bhadon 1925 — 11 September 2004

I came home very very tired from work yesterday. I wanted to spent the ensuing evening only in the company of sane, mature and intelligent humans. So I told everyone to leave me alone, locked myself in my room and took all the mirrors and put them behind the bureau.

Convinced of solely sane, mature and intelligent company I put on some Black Adder. Needless to say I enjoyed the jokes without having to stop at every one of them and explaining them to the company. I also did not have to give long lectures on Elizabethan England. Sane, mature and intelligent company.

I spent two hours of absolute bliss. Cackling as loudly as a turkey farm with an elevated xtacy level in the food, and the blood stream.

I had a wonderful night’s sleep and was looking forward to a wonderful day of sloth and gluttony. Then, the heavens vomited on my good fortune, and, our neighbour came to our house and told my mother that “Jalal has been laughing loudly all night. Again. Hence I could not sleep”. She, being an educated middle class Pakistani woman, told him that she was shocked at my rebellious and horrendous lack of manners.

She told me that next time I intend to act like an intellectual I should shut my windows.

I have been shamed in the eyes of lower beings.