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01 Shaban 1425 — 26 Bhadon 1925 — 17 September 2004

I was sitting in front of my pc and writing an incredible post. When I say incredible, I mean incredible. I was laughing as I was writing it, because, it was just that damned funny (if you still did not understand, it was because everyone know’s that I am funny). Then I heard a huge “THUNK” sound, as if a tight string has be pulled apart rather mercilessly. I had a very nasty thought about my newly wed neighbours, but I pushed it back into the dark neather regions of my brain and fooled myself into believing that it was a rather strange sound made by a very rare bird.

Then my internet went down and then my cabletv went down. I went outside to check. My cable wire had got caught on a truck. The driver didnt see it because it was too dark outside. Liar. I hate it when this happens. This happens once every few months and everytime I get all the more angrier. Maybe next time I will tie the driver down and force him to see back to back episodes of Oprah.