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02 Shaban 1425 — 27 Bhadon 1925 — 18 September 2004

Today I will share with you some of my more unorthodox likes and dislikes. What is unorthodox you ask? Well colours, cuisines, hair types, television comedy series, breakfast cereals and of course cities are the orthodox subjects of likes and dislikes.

Unorthodox subjects of likes and dislikes are those subjects of likes and dislikes that I have found to not share with anyone else. Such as proteins, chemicals, electronics and of course mating calls of frogs in the amazon rain forest.

In proteins, I like testosterone, I dislike rotting animal carcasses.

In chemicals, I like laughing gas, I dislike T.N.T.

Amongst the electronics family of instruments, I like televisions with working cable connections, I dislike the damned alarm clock that starts making my sleep one big miserable piece of lucifers urinal every morning at 0550.

So, what are your unorthodox likes and dislikes?