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03 Shaban 1425 — 28 Bhadon 1925 — 19 September 2004

Ok, as I start spewing fire and venom, I want you all to remember that I am a nice person. The only reason that I am displaying this list is to bring into question: a- why does my blog end up in these search results; b- what do people think when they get to my blog via these search results; and of course c- what kind of people search for such things on the internet in the first place. Oh, and yes, d- what should happen to my self respect after I find out the answers to all these questions.

List of strange searches that led to my weblog, with my personal comments attached to each

Yahoo: Sex Points in Karachi – Seriously, if I knew them, I would not be here right now.

Google: college guys snoring – I won’t even bother judging.

Google: groups-falloff – How in hell’s name did my weblog end up in this list?

Google: pakistani slut – If only I were one.

Yahoo: help i am in love with a pakistan man – It is not “pakistan man”, it is Pakistani man. Psycho. The only help you need is with your grammar. (temper temper Jalal, watch those fangs)

Now I will leave abruptly since I can not come up with any proper way of ending this post.