0632 – Woke up due to the loud noise made by my da…

0632 – Woke up due to the loud noise made by my damned alarm.

0634 – Flung my legs out of the bed to go to bed.

0634 – Fell down and realized I am not feeling well and cannot balance.

0635 – Crawled up on bed.

0636 – A low throbbing pain in my head, shoulders, Hands, Legs, Sides and Back.

0637 – Found out I cannto breath.

0637 – Panicked and felt I am about to die.

0642 – Realized after frantic thinking that I only have flu.

0643 – Smack my head for being too stupid.

0643 – Shooting pains from my smacked head through all my body.

0648 – Call mom in room and tell her to tell work people I wont be coming in today.

0937 – Woke up.

0937 – Looked at watch.

0937 – Went back to sleep.

1248 – Woke up.

1248 – Looked at watch.

1255 – Got breakfast in bed.

1312 – Finished breakfast.

1318 – Went back to sleep.

1633 – Woke up, and, went to sleep without looking at watch. (At least I think it was 1633 … it could have been 1319 or 1923(not the year damnit, the time.))

1924 – Woke up and got up.

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