13 Shaban 1425 — 07 Asvina 1925 — 29 September 2004

It would seem that I have a couple of minutes to actually blog. So I will. It seems that I have gotten so hooked to telling people what I do and see them dote on me that I have started to write a diary to keep up with my blogging.

Oh God. I have managed to scare myself.

I will share with you some of the entries in this diary.

09 Shaban

I was coming through these glass doors and there was a very very hot guy sitting there. I was staring at him and when I realized I blushed. Later on he walked upto me and talked to me. Now, Pakistan is very different when it comes to gay overtures. But this one was a big one. And I told him, sorry I have a boyfriend. He said, oh ok, and left. I felt so alive and with a life. Yes!

10 Shaban

I have realized that I will never watch any movies with an apparent budget of less than $1000; and with actors that have muscles the size of kansas and huge huge nipples; and movies having more blood than you have in large blood banks. Goddamnit.

What the hell is the fear of sharp objects called? I think I might have it. Oh Dear God I need help about this.

11 Shaban

Today I was in Quetta.

Number of times I said “Come to daddy” or “Wow that guy is hot” to myself : 33,764

Number of times I told myself that “I need to indulge in activities of a surreal nature” : 377,985

Number of times I fantasized myself in these activities with these guys : 11,674,876

Number of times I realized that I am going to hell : 372

Number of times I realized I dont believe in that : 372

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