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Monday — 17 Ramazan 1425 — 10 Kartika 1926 — 01…

Monday — 17 Ramazan 1425 — 10 Kartika 1926 — 01 November 2004

I went out with friends today. And I noticed one thing. Of the four places that we went to eat or munch or slurp or whatever, we were the loudest. Invariably we ended up talking so much more louder that the music that we used to find loud as we entered seemed background noise to us.

When we were returning from the fourth place I told my friends to learn to behave like gentlemen. And, to learn, they should look at me. They laughed. I laughed. We all had a loud hearty laughter.

Then we went to the fifth place. After fifteen minutes M reminded me that I was the loudest in the group and the group was the loudest in the place. I told him to shut up and go to hell. Then I started the talking loud thing again.

Damn it! Why am I such a bad bad boy!